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James Squire Joins CALGAVIN's Research & Development Team!

A new addition to Research & Development

CALGAVIN Secures Phase Two

UK Atomic Energy Authority

CALGAVIN Announces Newest Addition

CALGAVIN Announces Newest Addition

CALGAVIN and the Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology (RIST)

Exciting New Collaborative Partnership

CALGAVIN Welcomes New Staff

Additions and Changes!

CALGAVIN Secure Contract - UK Atomic Energy Authority

UK Atomic Energy Authority

Ground Breaking Ceremony

Ground breaking ceremony marks the start of a new chapter for CALGAVIN

CALGAVIN Secure Planning Permission for new HQ

Including the Centre for Flow Processing

CALGAVIN looking forward to ChemTech World Expo 2022 in India

Taking place in Jio World Convention Centre, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, India

Martin Gough hands over HTS Presidency after 3 years

Heat Transfer Society 2022 Gala Dinner in London

CALGAVIN®.SP Engineering Software has been Released

v6.0.1.0 has been released

Quick Turnaround Solves Issues at TotalEnergies Plant

A very quick turnaround with flexibility to retrofit at a vacuum distillation plant

CALGAVIN wins Energy Industries Council Collaboration Award

During this years virtual Energy Industries Council 2020 awards, CALGAVIN won the Collaboration category

How can we increase plant productivity and reduce energy?

How can we increase plant productivity and reduce energy with minimal plant adaptations?

Case Study: hiTRAN® Installed into Feed/Effluent Exchangers

hiTRAN® Successfully Installed into Feed/Effluent Exchangers at Lukoil Refinery in Volgograd

UK Heat Transfer Society - President's Lecture

CALGAVIN's Managing Director Martin Gough will be celebrating 40 years in the area of enhanced heat transfer, when he gives the UK Heat Transfer Societies President's lecture.

Heat Exchangers for Batch Reactors

Many chemical products are produced in batch processes, typically in a stirred tank reactor. Most processes will require heat transfer into and/or out of the reactor

Energy Reduction Strategies for Catalytic Reactors – Part2

There are four main choices of heat exchanger design that lend themselves to feed/effluent services

Energy Reduction Strategies for Catalytic Reactors – Part1

Part one will cover details on the process, energy saving opportunities and some of the design challenges associated with this.

CALGAVIN Presents at IChemE Midlands meeting in Birmingham

CALGAVIN’s Managing Director Martin Gough was happy to accept the invitation to speak at a meeting of the IChemE Midlands branch

What are hiTRAN® Thermal Systems?

For expansion retrofits or new reduced capital compact designs, hiTRAN Thermal Systems are now widely recognised to substantially enhance the heat transfer performance

Heat Exchanger Problems - Part 3

In an installation involving multiple air cooled heat exchangers, two types of hot air recirculation are possible. Hot air leaving a heat exchanger can either recirculate around the same heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger Problems - Part 2

In order to minimise their volume, some fluids (e.g. ammonia, LPG, LNG) are stored as liquids at low temperature., which needs a heat exchanger.

Case Study: Advanced software tools to capture heat exchange

Our Thermal Process Engineer, Nathan Hill, has produced a very interesting case study

Heat Exchanger Problems - Part 1

Many heat exchangers rely on pass partition plates to direct flow in multiple passes through the heat transfer surface.

CALGAVIN Achieves ISO9001:2015 standard

CALGAVIN has upgraded to the new ISO9001:2015 standard, which it completed and was certified for the new standard

ADIPEC 2018 a Roaring Success

CALGAVIN had a highly successful second ADIPEC located in Abu Dhabi during November 2018, based on the Arab Development stand.

Common Issues for Poor Heat Exchanger Performance

There are a wide range of heat exchanger problems which may cause poor performance, or in some cases cause the exchanger to stop working all together.

ACHEMA 2018 a Great Success

The latest edition of the ACHEMA Exhibition and Congress took place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in mid June 2018, organised by DECHEMA.

How we Use CFD for Design Efficiency

At CALGAVIN we have continued our product development into new types of heat transfer enhancement using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Well Received Presentation at Indian Institute of Chem Eng

The Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Vadodara Chapter invited our India CALGAVIN Technical Representative, Ashwin Chandarana, to present a paper on “Heat Transfer Enhancement by Tube Inserts”.

Optimise the Operational Efficiency of your Heat Exchanger

We take a look at 8 simple measures you can implement to improve your heat exchanger’s efficiency and enjoy increased durability

CALGAVIN Shares Best Practice Alongside PM Theresa May

CALGAVIN Ltd appears alongside UK Prime Minister Theresa May in the 2016/17 Parliamentary Review.

How CFD can help you

CALGAVIN® continues to offer CFD as part of our troubleshooting services. The types of cases for which we have received CFD enquiries include flow maldistribution, vibration, erosion and stress-induced mechanical failur

Case Study: Polypropylene Plant Revamp

Find out how CALGAVIN achieves a 10% increase of retained polypropylene product with a payback period of less than 1 month from install

Optimising Heat Exchanger Designs for cost reduction

There is a good chance that you have, like many other engineers, been challenged to do more with less; this is an ever increasing theme for many in the process industry.