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Electric Efficiency

The consumption and future projections for electrical generation, both domestic and industrial, is increasing at a rapid rate globally.

CALGAVIN® products have been used significantly to provide effective cooling of compressors, transformers and turbine equipment, generating a significant stream of business to the company. Preheating of fuel to heat water to steam to drive the turbine, maintaining effective heat transfer for fuel cell exchangers, or contributing to energy storage from solar power can benefit from increase heat transfer. Laminar conditions can be overcome and ensuring the vaporisation of gases can be secured using CALGAVIN’s technology.

CALGAVIN has helped energy producers keep plants running optimally for DEWA, TEAS, General Electric, Dolphin Energy Ltd and Fuel Cell Energy Ltd. Listed below are the vital applications where hiTRAN® products can achieve energy targets.

Power applications

Fuel Gas Heaters

To preheat fuel gas, sources such as boiler feed water are good heat sink candidates; however such units tend to operate with temperature crosses. hiTRAN® Thermal Systems allows such designs to have one pass to eliminate temperature crosses and meet gas outlet temperatures.

Fuel Cell Humidifiers

Full vaporisation is essential to avoid droplet carryover which can be detrimental to equipment downstream. hiTRAN Thermal Systems maintain heat transfer even at the high vapour qualities to mitigate droplet formation at the outlet.

Transformer oil coolers

Similar to compressor lube oil coolers, the viscosity ranges for transformer oil naturally operate in laminar conditions. These conditions are not sufficient for efficient transformer operation. hiTRAN systems increase the heat transfer at these low Reynolds number maintaining process target temperatures.