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Refined enhancement

Heat exchangers are essential plant for Refinery operations, strongly influencing the economics of the extraction of crude of its primary components.

Underperforming static equipment is often a significant deficit in maintaining planned production levels. With an audit type study for heat exchangers, many opportunities to substantially improve runtime are achieved through improved thermal efficiency.

Many of our global clients have benefited from our studies and retrofit solutions for example, for Shell, BP, Imperial Oil, Petronas, Lukoil, Indian Oil Corporation, Kuwait Oil Company and many others.

Oil Refining Applications

CDU/VDU bottoms coolers

Dependant on the feed crude blend, naturally any bottoms from the distillation process tend to be high in viscosity and flow in laminar conditions perfect for hiTRAN® enhancement.

Reactor effluent coolers

Dependant on product and Refinery location, cooling of effluent is needed either for further processing or storage. When cooling fluids, viscosities tend to rise resulting in laminar flow, a candidate for enhancement.

Crude oil heaters

When crude is placed on the tube side and heated with utilities such as steam, the controlling side is the viscous crude. hiTRAN can increase the tube side coefficients improving overall performance.

Feed/effluent exchangers

In some cases, the temperature approach within these heat recovery applications is small, which lend themselves to tube side enhancement. Improvement with hiTRAN is available for vaporisation or condensing rates of multicomponent reactor effluent.

TotalEnergies, Belgium

Through its flexibility and extra effort, CALGAVIN delivered all the necessary hiTRAN elements to an exceptionally tight schedule. We are talking here about the hand making, and delivery of 927 pieces! The whole job was done in a period of 4 weeks!

Elger Colman - Supervisor/Co-ordinator, Refining & Chemicals, TotalEnergies, Antwerp, Belgium
<strong>V.A.Zyazin</strong>, Director-General – Lukoil

CALGAVIN Ltd completed the successful reconstruction of a hydrotreater as part of a catalytic reforming unit on the Vologograd refinery. This retrofit with hiTRAN Thermal Systems enhanced the thermal rating and increased the duty of the heater while still reducing heat loss at the same time.

V.A.Zyazin, Director-General – Lukoil