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CALGAVIN®.SP Engineering Software has been Released

CALGAVIN®.SP Engineering Software has been Released

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of CALGAVIN® engineering software has been released. CALGAVIN.SP, or CG.SP for short, has replaced our longstanding hiTRAN®.SP software from 1st February 2022. 

All previous hiTRAN.SP licences have now expired as the hiTRAN.SP licences are retired.
The new CALGAVIN.SP software offers several quality-of-life changes, including a simpler licence model and faster speeds on modern computers. There have been several updates to the calculation engine, but previous customers can be confident that the new software produces near identical results to hiTRAN.SP.

CALGAVIN.SP has been designed to offer backwards compatibility to all previous files that use CALGAVIN hiTRAN Thermal Systems.  CALGAVIN.SP works a standalone version and as plug in for HTRI Xchanger Suite
® and Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating, please see the download page for more details

Work is underway to connect CALGAVIN.SP with the new 64-bit versions of Aspen Exchanger Design & Rating programs.

The software is available from the
CALGAVIN Resource Portal, which is available to vetted registered users. More information can be found in CALGAVIN.SP Software Notes