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Maintaining operational targets

A gas producer’s target is to keep production optimised, with minimum downtime while reducing operating costs wherever possible.

This drives the uptake of innovative technologies to deliver business targets.

The transportation and processing of natural gas are where CALGAVIN® has supported companies such as Petronas, Woodside Energy, Praxair and Wartsila, just to name a few.

Gas applications

Gas Compressor Lube oil air-coolers

Gas transportation pipeline compressors, need to keep efficient cooling of the lube oil used. Reduction in the size of air coolers (~50% in most cases) and reduced fan power are the benefits achievable when designed with hiTRAN Thermal Systems.

LNG Vaporisers

LNG terminals unload LNG and vaporising gas and enable LNG for storage or to import to distribution plants. hiTRAN systems enable the effective vaporising mechanism to mitigate mist flow conditions and film boiling. This ensures 100% vapour quality.