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Well Received Presentation at Indian Institute of Chem Eng

Well Received Presentation at Indian Institute of Chem Eng

The Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Vadodara Chapter invited our India CALGAVIN® Technical Representative, Ashwin Chandarana, to present a paper on “Heat Transfer Enhancement by Tube Inserts”.

The invite to present came from Mr Nikhil Tonapi (Hon. Secretary of IIChE, Vadodara chapter). Mr D. Chakraborty, CGM (TS & HSE) of IOCL, Vadodara kindly organised the hosting of the presentation at their Kundan Hall, and the infrastructure required. The presentation to 70 attendees lasted over 2.5 hours and took place at the Gujarat Refinery in Vadodara, India.

The panel at the IIChE event at Valdodara, India with Mr. Chakraborty (IOCL) at the microphone

Heat Transfer is an important and interesting aspect of practically any chemical industry. However, practical Heat transfer can be equally complex and challenging at times.

The subject presentation “Heat Transfer enhancement by Tube inserts” aimed at understanding the basics of Heat transfer in tubular Heat exchangers, the challenges and concerns faced and application of Tube inserts to overcome such challenges.

To explain the challenges and complexity of Heat transfer, it was essential to understand the Hydrodynamics in plain empty tubes under isothermal conditions and also during Heat transfer. Actual results of experiments can be verified and correlated with CFD study and analysis to give reliable and consistent ways of predicting Heat transfer.

Results from experiments with hiTRAN® tube inserts are similarly substantiated by CFD analysis. To arrive at universal reliable results, extreme ranges of properties and parameters are experimented with. It was demonstrated that in certain complex areas of design and operation of Heat exchangers, hiTRAN tube inserts can provide remarkable enhancement with reliable predictions. The enhancement by hiTRAN tube inserts was demonstrated in single phase as well as two phase applications.

The presentation was backed up by several case studies and global accomplishments by CALGAVIN in areas of Heat transfer enhancement by hiTRAN tube inserts. Quiz and Q&A sessions formed part of the presentation to make it lively and interactive.

The event organisers were very happy with the presentation, and some felt that it was the best presentation they had attended in quite some time. There were attendees from various organisations including IIChE, Linde, L&T, Quanta, IOCL, PDIL, HTRI as well as educational institutes.