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How we Use CFD for Design Efficiency

How we Use CFD for Design Efficiency

At CALGAVIN® we have continued our product development into new types of heat transfer enhancement using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Using CFD we have gained great insight into the various wire matrix insert geometries. This enables focus and helps target the geometries that are worthwhile investigating and creating real world prototypes to test in our R&D test facility. So far, the CFD and experimental results have been in close agreement giving us confidence in the CFD models being used.

We are now investigating turbulent flow inside tubes. There are many different turbulence models within the CFD programs. Therefore, it is important to asses which model most accurately represents the types of geometries we are simulating.


As well as using CFD for internal research, we can provide CFD engineering studies for our customers. One example of this is where we can perform checks to tube-side performance against CALGAVIN'S hiTRAN®.SP software calculations. A typical instance is when an unusual fluid has extremely high viscosity or non-Newtonian properties, these fluids tend to be extremely difficult to physically test.

We can also use CFD to investigate the shell-side of a heat exchanger. Using CFD we can calculate the velocity distribution within the shell. This can be used to identify potential vibration issues or underperformance due to maldistribution. Maldistribution can also affect the tube-side performance of heat exchangers. Using CFD we have been able to identify underperformance as a result of numerous factors, one such factor being vent holes in pass partition plates.

CFD continues to give us great insight into how fluid flows through a geometry. Whether it is inside a single tube for product development or for CALGAVIN's customers investigating an underperforming heat exchanger. CFD is a very powerful tool in identifying what is happening with heat exchanger design and operation, a tool that is now offered to you, our customers!