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Technical Representative Agents Wanted

Existing Position Locations:

The Technical Representative Agent (the Representative) will be the main interface between the customer and CALGAVIN in their territory. 

CALGAVIN is a provider of heat and mass transfer equipment, process enhancement products and associated services, consultancy, and is the beneficial owner of valuable proprietary design know-how. Check our website for the products, software and services we offer.

The Representative will be responsible for developing the market, supporting the sales process, and co-ordinating the technical support services in its specific territory.

Main Responsibilities 

A) CALGAVIN would expect the Representative to include some if not all of the following.

  • List CALGAVIN’s products, technology, services and benefits on their own company website. CALGAVIN will provide media publicity material including marketing material, graphics, technical papers, case studies other promotional material as may be reasonably requested for inclusion on the Service Provider’s website
  • Translate key technical or promotional documents, where required, and be responsible for the technical accuracy of final documents 
  • Arrange meetings (both in person and web conference) facilitating direct introductions for CALGAVIN to meet potential clients (by agreement)
  • Suggest and assist in the preparation of articles for relevant journals/magazines or such like media
  • Suggest and arrange participation in trade shows / exhibitions/ conferences which will benefit CALGAVIN’s market and as necessary represent CALGAVIN at such events.
  • Share an electronic database of customer contact information received from enquiries, sales and from any other sources relating to the sales of CALGAVIN products.

B) Actively pursue opportunities for profitable co-operation where the complementary activities and combined capabilities of each party will enhance prospects for obtaining business. 

C) Following completion of an order or installation, correspond with clients to obtain operating data and customer satisfaction level.

D) Always represent CALGAVIN in a positive, professional manner and uphold all client related information in the strictest of privacy and confidence. 

E) Keep CALGAVIN informed of all political / government changes within the Territory which may affect either or both parties

F) The Representative will not generate any publicity material for print, web delivery or other electronic form on behalf of CALGAVIN without previous written approval from CALGAVIN.

G) The parties will have regular communication to agree and co-ordinate sales, marketing and bid plans.

If you are interested in representing a new territory, please email Kul Bradford (